What We Deliver

We take the headaches away from your business so you can focus on what’s important.

Individual and Team Interventions

ColorWorx is an easy route to access programmes used extensively at senior level in organisations including IBM, Shell, Motorola, Unilever and GlaxoWelcome. These include business focused coaching for individuals or teams, culture change programmes, problem-solving workshops and leadership retreats.

We also work with smaller companies who simply want advice or support to resolve an immediate business issue.

Employee Engagement

The link between bottom-line performance and employee engagement (the degree to which your organisation is winning the emotional and intellectual support of your people) is well documented.

Ixia Consulting have rapidly created an enviable reputation for mixing simplicity with innovation in identifying existing levels of organisational engagement, priority issues that need addressing and supporting clients to plan and implement improvement strategies.

Online Performance Systems

OPL specialise in designing intuitive online performance management and e-HR tools. Using a common platform they create bespoke solutions to ensure systems reflect and mirror the preferences, values and needs of users and are flexible and simple to use.

Global Talent

Amadeus15 has over 20 years experience of research and consulting in the field of human and organisational performance in some of the world’s most respected companies. This has enabled them to map the things that distinguish high performers and create practical tools and online applications to assess, resource and develop high performance across complex global populations. Amadeus15 is now launching INUA, a Virtual Global University, to bring an entirely new approach to graduate education across the world in October 2011.

Amadeus15 are also working within education to launch an entirely new approach to developing graduate, using virtual platforms.

Project Management

The Project Professional Academy (PPA) is a centre of excellence for the development of high-performing project managers.

Contributors to the development of the APM Professional Standards as well as being successful deliverers of complex projects in their own right, PPA is well placed to help its client organisations equip their project managers to deliver projects against increasingly tight competition.

“The programme was unlike any other I have experienced. I emerged with an extremely robust strategy for influencing the acceptance of a new business idea, that could add £20m to our revenue.”
Division Head, Consumer Products