Time Wasters

There’s a need to change the way the team operates BUT…

  • decisions are being deferred
  • implementation is slow
  • there’s unrest in the team

There’s lots of activity, but nothing productive is happening.

A Case Result – after coaching and team facilitation:

This Executive team wanted to de-merge the business but kept delaying implementation. Working with us they identified and dealt with the problems stopping them, made the required decisions in a fast and responsible way, implemented the de-merger and both businesses have continued to grow and create successful brands in the market.


Working with the team together and individually over 3 months enabled them to find the solution to their dilemma and manage the complexities of change with confidence and clarity.

Investment: team £5000, individuals £2000 p.p.

“I was sceptical of coaching from someone outside my business – but it’s very powerful and delivers results.”
Partner Relationship Lead, Global supply-chain software