How We Work

We hold a wealth of expertise for you to access across the complete range of performance disciplines. But it’s not expertise that you really want, it’s results!

Each partner is chosen because they are business and results focused – they know their specialism intimately but listen to what their client wants rather than selling an off the shelf solution.

  1. We talk to you and clarify your needs and criteria
  2. We provide clear options for you to review
  3. We agree your ideal choice and how you want it implemented

And there are no hidden extras or unexpected omissions!


Why are your high performers successful?

  • Tangible Factors – some reasons are clear and reflect the skills, competencies, experience and training they have acquired. If this was the whole story recruiting and developing high performers would be easy!
  • Invisible Factors – hold the key to the success of your outstanding performers. They reflect the attitudes and assumptions they hold and the inner attributes with which they identify, and these can be changed (see case studies)

To compete in today’s business climate your organisation must know how to leverage both aspects of performance – ‘good’ is no longer good enough.

Together our partners address all these factors – we can ensure that you raise competence levels, identify the behaviours required for optimum performance, but also help people understand and develop the mental constructs that will raise their performance from good to great.

Operating Principles


  • Clear and mutually agreed performance criteria for every project


  • Clear outcomes within a defined timescale
  • A set of outcomes designed to exceed incremental gains in performance


  • Both client and consultant will be required to move outside their personal comfort-zones to achieve significant, sustained results


  • Deliver our promises with integrity and speed – Respect the client’s business values and personal confidentiality
“Coaching has given me the tools and insight to become the leader – and the person – I want to be.”
Finance Director, Utilities